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Jacked quiz because I'm bored and drinking

I'm waiting for Betina and Will to get back, so in the mean time.. let me entertain myself even if it doesn't entertain you.

Describe your...
* wallet: Black with alot of concert tickets and little cash. But yet there's my beautiful debt card and Driver's License.
* jewelry worn daily: All my rings, high school ring, amytheist ring from Nick, old Garnet ring, ring that's been through Walt and Wednesday, Celtic ring, Ring from New Orleans, Taylor's Walmart proposal ring (lol), Black cat's eye and Moonstone ring from St. Augustine.. cat watch, jelly bracelets that have been given to me, Iron Cross and spike bracelet, Celtic birthknot necklace w/ Theatre masks and a St. Christopher necklace that Mike gave me.
* pillow cover: Burgundy and the other is black and fuzzy
* blanket: Red, gray, black and white cover or my fuzzy white cover with my burgundy sheet wrapped in it.
* sunglasses: Red in silver frames
* underwear: not wearing any =D Screw underwear
* boots: patient leather combats, knee high boots, knee high 8 inch platforms and retired moshing boots
* handbag: leather coffin purse with chains for straps
* favorite shirt: Can't pick just one. All of the favorites are corsets.
* cologne/perfume: Night Blooming Jasmine (not longer made) and/or Aphrodesia Oil
* cd in stereo right now: A7X - Sounding the Seventh Trumpet
* tattoos: Lower back- scroll "Ain't no Saint inside this skin" and wrist- runic "Keri"
* piercings: ummm ears.. too trendy to have piercings
* what you are wearing now: Red halter and black pants
* hair: black and pulled back in a bun
* makeup: light black eyeshadow
* in my mouth: Beer
* in my head: Druken stir of thoughts
* wishing: If only you knew
* after this: Drink more
* talking to: Will
* eating: Ramen Noodles and Beer
* fetishes: HA!! not telling you...
* what's next to you: Picture of Ville
* some of your favorite movies: The Crow, A Clockwork Orange, Dead Alive, Dogma, Pirates of the Carribean, Army of Darkness, I love horror movies
* something you're looking forward to in the upcoming month: Traveling and concert hopping like a mofo
* something that you are deathly afraid of: 18 wheelers, driving (working on it), clowns
* do you like candles? yes
* do you like hot wax?: YES
* do you like incense?: yeah
* do you like the taste of blood?: ummm.. yesssss... bad fetish. Down boy, down!
* do you believe in love?: I guess
* do you believe in soul mates?: yeah
* do you believe in love at first sight?: It failed me
* who is your worst enemy? I'll make ya a list
* if you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be?: My Lily.. I love my bobcat
* what are five cities you wouldn't mind relocating to?
1. London
2. New Orleans
3. Huntington Beach
4. Helsinki
5. Rome
* what are some of your favorite foods?: Mashed potatos and Mac and Cheese
* what's something you wish you could understand better? The real mindset of guys.. like what they are truely thinking when they say things to get out of comfortable situations or make up stories to hide their feelings. If you care, just fucking say it.. quit beating around the bush and strange semi love messages.
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