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I feel weird about smoking in a chruch, but whatever.

Back from Pittsburgh.
Tired and sore as hell. I got bruises everwhere from the barricade and grabbing crowd surfers because they were getting launched at security and knocking them both into this little pit area where they were building the stage forward but there's no top on it.
So yeah.. people there are rude and crazy. Some guy started shit with Danielle because she got knocked into him, that ended real fast because I starting going off on him and his gf chimed in. Then Syn was doing a solo and gets the brillant idea to have on foot on the barricade and other on the unfinished stage. People were loosing it, trying to grab at him and he was attempting to hold his balance so me and Danielle grabbed his ankle and leg and held him still cuz that crowd was trying to pull him down. Just fucking unreal how people can act. If ya like the band, don't try to maul them or the people around you just to touch them.

Rev said we're crazy and we should have waiting like 3 more days and would be on the lists for any of the shows we were going to and didn't have to brave the crowd. But it was all for fun of traveling and shock value again, that and I'm impatient. Well we're on the list for the shows we're going to, just earlier and got to talk with them face to face instead of over the phone.

But I finally got to hang with the guys.
We were standing there talking to Syn and there were people all circled around waiting with pen in hand and Rev walks out and just yells "I know you!! Hey! Your dorm is scary to call", I was thinking oh shit everyone else just gets excited to see someone they know among strangers, Rev yells it and I'm getting the evil eye from fans. As if the crowds of fans weren't hating us enough at that point, within 5 minutes we had a circle of me, Danielle, Bean, Johnny, Zacky, Syn and Rev, with fans all standing around watching us conversate. I wonder how many times they hear "You guys were awesome" in one nite.

Well.. more on all that later. I got lunch and to upload these photos and everything.

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