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Thou shall not steal other's shit!

I hope people understand what copyrighting is.
Cuz obviously they don't.

Danielle is kinda pissed because her picture is up on this girl's site. Along with majoriy of the pictures I took. And the picture of Keri and Zacky that I never posted but left Keri a link to. So she was digging.

I'm a tad bit pissed.
But what humors me a little is that the pictures of me and Syn aren't in the fan photos. Guess it wasn't good enough to be a band/fan pic.

Show pictures I have no issue with. They do the same thing everytime they play.
But personal/aftershow/beforeshow pictures.. no. Those are my personal photos that I don't want circulating. It's just like someone circulating pictures of my "average" friends. It's weird and not right. That's like someone I don't know putting pictures of me and Danielle or Keri on their site. It's screwed up. So, they have a cool job.. no one is passing around pictures of unsigned local bands like that. I don't get the big hoopla about it, but don't take things that AREN'T YOURS!

Shit, Syn was already saying that pictures I have of him are gunna end up on Ebay. But those have never left the disk. I'm surrounded by people that are psycho groupies that have no concept of personal and public. Show photos, I'll share majority of them (though one of them I don't like others to have because of it's meaning) but seriously.. all the other pictures no one but me and Syn need to have or post publicly without mine or the band's permission.

I'm a cool person. I can be leanant and very giving, so talk to me before you start taking my shit. I won't chew you out for asking, as long as you ask. It's sad how one person can ruin it for everyone soooo don't be the person to ruin it.
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